Subito Cotto 100 - Big Wood and Gas Oven

The largest transportable wood or gas oven

Portable and Ready to use is a real wood fired pizza oven, the dome and the hob are entirely made of high quality refractory concrete. Because of this, the oven is superior to a stainless steel wood oven, the refractory material has better thermal properties that allow to retain the temperature for longer, thus enabling to cook long after the fire or flame extinguish.

It is ideal for cooking italian pizza (4-5 capacity) in traditional way but also for bread, roasts, grilled fish, grilled vegetables, salad and sweet cakes.

The Subito Cotto is available also with GAS Burner KIT Accessory, Made in Italy, compatible with Natural Gas, LPG or Methane. It consumes small amounts of wood/gas and reaches the baking temperature 450 C° (850 F°) in 55 minutes.

Zio Ciro “Subito Cotto” oven have an internal diameter of 100cm and is a ready to use, pre-assembled, insulated and finished. The weight is reduced so can be transported and used in small spaces such as terraces, balconies and small gardens or embedded in an outdoor kitchen.

All Subito Cotto ovens are made in our 100% artisan factory in Italy, with expert hands and high quality materials, 100% Made in Italy.


Basic cooking: 100 cm
Gas consumption: 1,7 Kg/h (Max)
Wood consumption: 10 Kg per hour
Cooking temperature in: 55 minutes

Dimensions & Weight

Oven: 100 cm
300 Kg (with metal stand)

Product detail

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Assembly and installation


How to order

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