Italian pizza ovens

Zio Ciro italian pizza ovens ovens are handcrafted, using high quality materials and accessories.

Professional wood-fired ovens or for domestic use, supplied in an easy-to-assemble KIT. Our Subito Cotto line of ready-to-use ovens is available in wood and gas and easily transportable.


Portable wood oven is a real wood-fired or gas oven

A Zio Ciro portable wood oven is a real wood-fired or gas oven. Don’t be fooled by its small in size: the dome and the hob are entirely made of high quality refractory materials. Our portable oven is superior to a stainless steel wood oven, because the thermal properties of the refractory materials that retain the heat for longer, enabling food to cook long after the fire is extinguished.


Professional grade wood-fired ovens

Zio Ciro’s professional wood-fired ovens range includes three basic models. Each comes as an easy-to-assemble kit with all the necessary components and an easy-to-follow instruction manual.


Residential wood-fired ovens

Zio Ciro’s range of residential wood-fired ovens includes eight models of different sizes, to meet all customers’ needs. The Zio Ciro oven is made of high quality refractory materials that make it durable and more efficient than traditional ovens.