Portable Ovens

Portable wood-fired oven

The Zio Ciro portable wood-fired oven is a smaller-size real wood-fired oven; the top and the dome are made entirely of high-quality refractory concrete.

This is why the Zio Ciro wood-fired ovens are superior to wood-fired ovens made of stainless steel, because refractory has a greater thermal capacity, that is, it maintains the temperature for a long time, allowing  you to cook for a long time even after turning off the fire.

It is ready-to-use, and arrives assembled, insulated, and finished. It is light-weight, it can be transported and used in small spaces such as terraces, balconies, small gardens as well as in indoor and outdoor kitchens or in a tavern.

It uses wood efficiently and reaches the optimal cooking temperature in a few minutes.

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