Nano, the lightweight gas oven from Zio-Ciro

Ready to use, transportable, for outdoor use

Looking for a gas oven that is small, easy to use and yet offers a professional performance?

Today, Zio Ciro, the Italian pizza oven specialist has the right product for you!

The NANO oven is entirely made in Italy with artisan techniques and has all the characteristics of a quality product:

  • refractory concrete hob and dome,
  • mineral fiber insulation,
  • and it is ready for immediate use.

For this reason, once it reaches the ideal temperature, your new oven will be able to maintain a high temperature for a long time, even after the flame has been extinguished.

But NANO is not only the ideal oven for making real Italian-style pizza at home. Thanks to its features, it can reach a temperature of 450°C (or 850°F) in just 15 minutes. This also makes it perfectly suitable for cooking other foods such as meat, fish, vegetables and desserts.

Because it weighs only 35 kilos, making it one of the lightest refractory pizza ovens in the world, NANO is easy to transport where you need it: to the back yard, to the patio, to the terrace or to any other outdoor space where you want to enjoy pizza with family and friends.

The NANO oven has a large 38×40 cm hob and comes to your home with a very convenient stainless steel front shelf that allows you to turn the pizza, even outside the oven. It uses minimal gas, thanks to its 6 kWburner. The oven is compatible with LPG or propane gas. It is not suitable for use with methane or natural gas.

Materials & Dimensions

  • Inner dome and hob material: Refractory
  • Insulation: upper and lower with high performance ceramic fiber
  • Insulation also in the front and back panel
  • Product dimensions: Width 53 cm – Depth 47.5 cm – Height 31 cm
  • Front opening height: 11,5 cm
  • Integrated safety thermocouple
  • Flame regulation: min/max
  • Weight: kg 35
  • Burner power: 6 KW
  • Pipe, gas regulator, pipe ties and key included

Instruction for use

  • The product is ready to use. Read the instructions carefully for a correct start-up and use
  • Can be used only with LPG/Propane gas.

Product detail

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Assembly and installation


How to order

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