Subito Cotto Mini - Portable Residential gas oven

Handicraft factory in Italy

Subito Cotto MINI is a real refractory gas pizza oven, fully portable and weighing less than 45 KG. It has an inside diameter of 40 cm and reaches a temperature of 450° C (750 F°) in just 30 minutes. The MINI is ideal for baking pizza (33/34cm of diameter) and can be placed either in the garden, in a balcony, on a terrace or embedded in an outdoor kitchen.

Thanks to the refractory dome, the oven, even when it is switched off, keeps the heat inside and can be cooked many other dishes as meat, fish, bread, vegetables and sweets.The oven is supplied with a gas burner produced in Italy, compatible with traditional GAS, Propane/GPL or Methane.

The Subito Cotto MINI is produced in a completely handicraft factory in Italy, with high quality materials and accessories, 100% Made in Italy.


Cooking base: cm 39 diameter
Gas consumption: 0,4 kg/h
Ready in: 20 minutes

Dimensions & Weight

Oven: 40 cm
Kg 45

Standard Colour: White/Black

Product detail

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Assembly and installation


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