Zio Ciro - Professional Wood fired oven for Pizza

Easy to assemble and high quality

Zio CiroProfessional Wood Fired Oven. Professional Ovens are made entirely of high quality refractory material, which ensures the durability of the components and reduced wood consumption compared to other professional ovens on the market. It comes in a KIT of various elements that have to be assembled.

The professional oven with it’s anti-wear top, is ideal for a prolonged use and for better cooking possibile. Ideal to be installed in pizzerias, restaurants, taverns or kitchens, simply by following our easy assembly instructions.

Once assembled the external part can be finished and made at will according to your own taste and the style of the room, all the materials used in the production of the oven are 100% Made in Italy and safe for the kitchen and food use.

The oven is ideal for cooking classic pizza or bread, roasts, fish, grilled vegetables, sweet and savory pies, biscuits, etc. With a diameter of 120x165cm inside the Zio Ciro oven has a capacity of 10-12 pizzas.


n° 12 refractory cotto wear resistant floor elements
n° 6 refractory cotto dome elements
n° 1 sill
n° 1 metal door with thermometer
n° 2 lateral parts
n° 1 brick style arch
n° 1 standard hood

Dimensions & Weight

Oven (mm) – 2150L x 1370P x 620H
Flue (recommended, mm) – 250ø
820 KG

Product detail

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Assembly and installation


How to order

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